A Brilliant Tip from Mrs. Smith: Cloth Diapering

A mommy friend of mine that I have known for seven, maybe eight years (way before we both were married or had kids) is always giving me great mommy time-saving, money-saving, or just for fun tips. I feel greedy keeping all of these gems to myself, so with her permission,  I will share her (let’s call her Mrs. Smith) tips with you here. Now say “Thank you, Mrs. Smith!” One of the best tips (which actually turned into a lot of tips wrapped into one) that Mrs. Smith gave me was when I was still pregnant with my little boy. She let me in on this little money-saving secret called cloth diapering. I had honestly never really thought about using anything other than disposable diapers because that is just what everyone uses now… Right? I was wrong. I don’t consider myself to be a super “green” mama, but I do like the idea of saving some green! I was tuned into the fact that she had saved about $600 since starting and her son was about a year and half at the time. I am all about finding ways to save money and me doing my part to save some space in our already poop infested landfills was just a bonus for me!
A scary prefold diaper. (ha!)

She explained to me how cloth diapers have changed a lot since we were babies. Although prefold diapers (think little white burp cloths), pins, and covers are still around and a viable cloth diapering option (however, not appealing in the least to me), she told me about a magical thing called “pocket” diapers. No folding, no pinning, just stuff with an absorbent pad and snap or Velcro on. The look and function of modern cloth diapers are much closer to that of disposable diapers. As I started looking into the option of cloth diapering myself, I discovered just how cute they are too! I also discovered just how overwhelming the information out there can be too! I have been cloth diapering for 10 months now (I was too scared the first 2 months to start!) and I admit that I am still not hip with the CD (that is what the cloth community calls cloth diapers) lingo. AIO, AI2, PUL, OS, BG, FB (and no that isn’t Facebook), stash, fluff… And the list goes on! I was so confused and overwhelmed with it all that I almost didn’t cloth diaper. What did catch my attention was the calculated savings that I read about here. By choosing cloth, we would save $2,300 to $5,000. That is a substantial amount of moolah! It was pretty easy to convince my husband once he saw those figures.

But I was still confused with all of the options, so I took a poll with all the cloth diapering moms that I knew at the time. (All three of them!) I asked them what their top 3 cloth diapers were and why. FuzziBunz one-size pocket diapers were on all three of their lists for the trimness (less of a cloth diaper bubble butt), quality, and ease of use. (One-size means that the same diaper will fit from birth to potty training! Try to get a disposable diaper to do that!) So I quickly made my decision to go with FuzziBunz one-size. I am super lucky to have an incredible cloth diaper store, EcoBambino, just a couple of blocks from my house. I decided to do my baby registry with them so that I could register for cloth diapers.

My cloth diaper stash.

I will just start with the fact that I am so incredibly blessed. I received 18 cloth diapers (15 Fuzzibunz one-size, 2 FuzziBunz size small, and 1 adorable owl print Happy Heiny one-size) at my baby showers. That is what a cloth diaper mama calls a killer “stash”! My only diaper costs now are detergent (I use Rockin’ Green for FuzziBunz), water, and the occasional disposable diapers that we use when we go on trips.

I am so grateful to Mrs. Smith and her brilliant tips. She has helped me save time, money, and my sanity along the way several times! This is just the first of many brilliant tips that she has given to me. Look forward to more brilliant tips from this brilliant mama.

Also if you are interested in learning a bit more how modern cloth diapering works on a day-to-day basis- please read my friend Erin from World at the Wayside’s post “Cloth Diapering Tips”.  I do things slightly different than Erin, so I will share with you here in just a few days how my day-to-day works.


3 thoughts on “A Brilliant Tip from Mrs. Smith: Cloth Diapering

  1. I love your blog Amanda. You are my go-to person for advice on convenient, great ways to do things as a mom so i’m glad you’re sharing your wisdom with the world through your blog.

    • Thank you so much Erin! That means so much to me coming from a great mom and writer! : ) I loved your post from Monday. I know that day. I walked from my house, around Laguna Lake, and back on that day. Ha!

  2. I love cloth diapering. It is so much fun, and you’re right, nothing like the cloth my mom used on my sisters 18 years ago! I have such a wide variety. I like fitteds, AI2s, pockets, cute covers! So much to choose from. And you can buy used and save even more, re-sell later when you’re done. 🙂 Building my stash was exciting.

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