How I Cloth Diaper

When October hits on the Central Coast, without fail the temperature rises to sweltering. Hello October. Nice to see y0u again. Can you please be nicer to us next year? 106 degrees and no AC is not a good match in my book. Needless to say… We packed up and headed to the beach this morning hoping for cooler weather. 10 degrees cooler. I’ll take it. We met this little cutie, her mama, my mama, and my Aunt Cindy for breakfast in Pismo Beach.

Hoping for a little ocean breeze to cool us off we kicked off our flip flops and took a stroll on the beach. It worked! But I stepped on a bee and got stung on the bottom of my foot! Ouch! Who knew that you had to worry about being stung by a bee on the beach? Not me. I kicked back on my flip flops and kept a careful watch out for bees and jelly fish. I did spot a few jelly fish. It must be this time of the year.

My beautiful mama and me on the beach. My family was in town for baby boys 1st birthday camp-out. (I’ll post pictures of that later.) So fun to have my family visiting! They live five hours away so visits from them are always special.

My Aunt Cindy came for Matthias birthday too. I always love when my Aunt Cindy visits too. She is super great and Matthias loves her.

The heat put my little boy to sleep on our way back home, so I thought I would monopolize on a day that is too hot to do anything but sit and edit photos and share a bit on how I cloth diaper. My last post on cloth diapering conjured up quite a bit of interests from moms (and future moms! I just found out one my friends is pregnant and I am SUPER excited for her, but I have to keep it on the hush… so now I will just leave those who know me guessing.) So here is my adorable one year old boy modeling a Perfect Size Small FuzziBunz pocket diaper.(Doesn’t he look huge on that changing tabe!?) We reserve our Perfect Size diapers for overnight… no particular reason, but we just always have. I stuff his overnight diapers with the FuzziBunz insert that came with the diaper and a Hemp Babies size large doubler. He sleeps a solid 12 hours at night and a leak is very rare with this dynamic duo.

Here are the supplies that I keep on his changing table: cloth wipes (2-ply flannel squares custom made for me by my friend Ashley Marie from Oliver’s Treasure Chest), a clean stuffed One Size FuzziBunz diaper, and a plastic squirt bottle of wipe solution (water, 2 drops of Melaleuca tea tree oil, and a drop of Melaleuca baby wash.) I squirt some solution on as many wipes as I plan to use (typically one wipe for pee and two wipes for poo.) If you are going to cloth diaper, it is kind of natural that you would use cloth wipes as well. It is just super easy to wash them all together (and really nice for a sensitive baby’s bum!) I remove the soiled diaper and set it aside while I snap on a fresh diaper.

This diaper was just wet, so I pull or shake out the inserts and fold them in half, along with the used wipes into the diaper. If the diaper was poopy, then I would have taken it to the toilet where I plop the poo into the toilet or spray off the stubborn stuff by using my FuzziBunz diaper sprayer. The diaper sprayer is fantastic and keeps you from having to touch any poop. Think of that cool kitchen sink sprayer, but attached to your toilet. Poop stays where it is meant to be- in the toilet! Go look at a disposable diaper package and read what it has to say about poop. You are never supposed to throw away poopy diapers, but you are supposed to shake solids into the toilet. I know zero people who actually do that. Hence why our landfills are quickly filling up with feces. Ok. I’m done talking about poop. But look it up if you don’t believe me. This is a big problem and a plus to choosing cloth diapers.

All of my diapers go into my FuzziBunz diaper pail that hangs on the wall next to the changing table. I will admit that my way doesn’t hide the stink as well as my friend Erin’s way, but I chose this way because it allows airflow to the wet diapers, which inhibits any bacterial growth on the diapers.

In the diaper goes! And there it will stay for about two days. I wash a load of diapers every other day. They shouldn’t sit for much longer than that and with a stash of 20 (now 23 because Matthias received 3 more FuzziBunz Perfect Size Medium diapers for his birthday from his Mimi!) that keeps the diapers in a good cycle.

Happy boy in a new fresh cloth diaper. Aren’t the bright colors of the FuzziBunz enough to make you want to cloth diaper!? They are super cute. And so is he.

What about on the go? Here is what I packed to go to the beach this morning. One diaper, two cloth wipes, and a travel-sized squirt bottle (from Target) all in a wet-dry bag. I got this bag from my cloth diapering cousins in Ohio. Adorable, huh? I LOVE this airplane fabric. A wet-dry bag has two zippered compartments. One dry compartment on the front for all the fresh goods. One waterproof zippered compartment for all the wet stuff. Throw this in your diaper bag and you are good to go. It really isn’t a mess doing cloth diapering on the go as long as you have the right equipment.

And off we went to the beach. See- cloth diapering looks fun, huh? Tomorrow I will share about the washing process, along with a brilliant tip from our friend Mrs. Smith.


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