My Birthday! (according to Matthias) Part One

Dada didn’t go to work on my birthday. I loved getting to spend the whole day with my mama AND dada. My special day started with meeting my friend Eliana and her mommy at my favorite donut shop, SLO Donut Company. Eliana even brought me my first present!

It was a toy boat for the bath tub! Mama must have known how much fun I was going to have playing with this, cuz she looks even more excited than me. Thanks Eliana!

Dada bought me a chocolate sprinkle donut. It was sooooooo yummy! Last time I came here with Mama for Eliana’s birthday I just got two donut holes. The chocolate is so much yummier!

It was kind of messy though.

Eliana’s mama just gave her donut holes. She seemed to like them, but I think I saw her eying my donut.

My donut was so good that I even let Dada have a taste. He liked it.

After we ate our donuts my Mimi was in my mama’s phone. I got to talk to her and my Papi and they even sang a song to me!

Then Mama and Dada took me to my favorite park!

I got to show Dada how you crawl up the slide.

I loved getting to play with my Dada at the park!

Mama helped me go down the big slide! I went down real fast! Good thing Dada was down at the end to catch me!

Mama even took a turn down the slide!

Even though I always try to get away, I really love Mama’s kisses.

Then Mama and Dada let me eat my favorite food for lunch! Pizza!

When we got home, I was having so much fun that I didn’t even need to take a nap! So Mama and Dada gave me this cool doggie guitar! I love it! It is my new favorite toy to play with!

I got to watch Dada build the tent for my birthday.

Then we played in it when he was all done!

The next day my Mimi, Papi, Gma, Gpa, Auntie Erika, Uncle J, and my cousins Peyton and Lucas came to visit me! We went to this place where Auntie Erika could eat steak. I was a wild man at dinner!

I got to sit next to my beautiful cousin Peyton.

Here we are. Me, Mama, and Dada. Mama even let me have some of her steak (Filet something or other.)

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