My {Camping} Birthday! (According to Matthias) Part Two

My awesome camping themed first birthday party!

My friends Jessica and Ashley helped my mama make me this cool sign so everyone would know they were at MY camp at MY birthday party.

Mama made this sign for my high chair so everyone would know how old I was. Everyone kept asking me how old I was at my birthday party. They could have just read the sign. This high chair was my mamas when she was a baby. It’s really old.

All of my friends got a cool flashlight for coming to my birthday party!

That’s my Gma. She played with me a whole bunch before my party on the playground and let me get my socks all dirty. I liked that. She’s the best!

The grown-ups all got to drink iced tea and the kids all got to drink bug juice! It was yummy!

There was lots of mix for the trail. Except I only got to eat the raisins.

There were lots of snakes, logs, and bears {to eat}, OH MY!

Since we didn’t have a real campfire, Mama made all my friends s’mores cupcakes!

Thanks for the reminder Dada!

My cousins Peyton and Lucas liked to hang out in the tent my dada build for my party!

My friend Eliana wore her pink cowboy boots. I like those boots.

That’s me hanging out with my Mimi. She lets me eat anything I want. I liked hanging out with her at my birthday party!

There my mama is giving me kisses again.

My friend Shyloh and his mama and dada surprised me and came from really far away to come to my birthday party!

I did not enjoy that cake.

I really did not enjoy that cake.

So my dada rescued me and didn’t make me eat that cake that I did not like.

That cake was too messy. And they expected me to eat it without a spoon! Good thing mama and dada cleaned me up. I felt much better after that.

Happy First Birthday to Me!

xo Matthias

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