Growing up means making grown-up decisions

On Friday my husband and I made a very grown-up decision. But it’s hard to be a grown-up sometimes. Do you see that adorable house above? Isn’t it charming? Every other listing for rental homes on Craigslist in my city claims to be charming. This one actually was true. I fell in love with this home the moment laid eyes on it. The inside is just as you imagine. It’s a 20’s home with all that 20’s charm.

A week and a half ago my husband and I sat down in front of our budget spreadsheet and worked out how we could pay the extra $700 in rent a month plus extra utilities costs. (Our house that we live in now is a killer deal AND our landlord pays water and trash.) Worked out our budget we did. Every last penny spent. It was possible. Our dream of having a nursery plus two bedrooms, a two car garage, and a large front and backyard for our boy to romp around in was within reach. But was it wise?

When you are in love it is easy to convince yourself of just about anything. Did I mention that I was in love with this home? In the midst of making an emotional decision I have found that the best thing to do is pray. My husband and I prayed and we asked the Lord to help us to make a wise decision and that whatever we decided to do would be in His plan for our family. Oh how I hated giving up control, but let me tell you that after I did I no longer felt anxious about what to do, but instead had an overwhelming peace.

I had peace the WHOLE WEEK we had to wait for our appointment to view the home. I had peace when we viewed and applied for the home alongside about 100 other people who had fallen in love with this charming home as well. I had peace when we still hadn’t heard back on our application three days later…

Then my husband text me Friday morning… “We got the house…” What!? I had so much peace that I had totally written off our application (which included a picture of our family and a short letter about who we are… Hey- it never hurts to help yourself be memorable!) being put at the top of the list. So my husband and I (after getting over the shock of it all) talked calmly over what we were going to do. Since our monthly living expenses would be going up nearly $850 per month, plus the added responsibility of having to care for and maintain the landscaping of both the front and back yards, we made the decision to ask for what we wanted. We would care for the home and yard diligently AND be willing to sign a longer lease IF they would rent the house to us for $200 less a month (more in our price range.) Then we waited for a reply.

An hour later we found out that our request had been denied. They offered the home to the next person on the list. And you know what? My heart wasn’t broken as I had originally feared it would be if we hadn’t been accepted to rent that charming home! I instead felt very proud. Proud of myself for not pushing my husband to do something we shouldn’t do. Proud of my husband and I for having coming into full agreement on this important decision that I know would affect my family’s financial future. Proud. Instead of sad, I was proud! What a wonderful change that can happen in your heart when you give your hopes and dreams to God. You have this crazy ability to say “no” to things that are under any normal circumstances REALLY difficult to say “no” to. I know that God is looking out for my family and I know that there is an even more charming home in our future. A home that is closer to our budget. In his timing. And I will patiently wait for that.

The picture of that charming home represents to me a time in my life where I grew up just a little. Oh growing up! It’s not easy. But I know it’s worth it. Future Amanda will reap the benefits of the grown-up decisions that I make now. Future Amanda and her family have a bright future. I might even say brilliant.


2 thoughts on “Growing up means making grown-up decisions

  1. :His way is higher than my way, His thoughts are higher than my thoughts!” So proud of you and I know for certain that God has something EVEN BETTER in store for your sweet family and will bless you abundantly for seeking to honor Him above all else! Love you đŸ™‚

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