I’m linking up with Jeanett at Life Rearranged for InstaFriday.

Here is my life the last week in Instagram photos.

My friend Jessica turned 24 last Friday.

Birthdays are always way more fun when they turn out all the lights at the sushi restaurant, fire up the strobe lights, and play the techno version of “Happy Birsday to You!” real loud.

Then take a polaroid of you in this lovely frame.

Isn’t she beautiful?

I love that girl.

I direct the children’s ministry at my church.

On Saturday we had a BIG work day in our kids’ classrooms to organize, clean, and spruce.

I found these old files from when I first started as Kids’ World Director.

My lovely friend Aly used to be my administrator before she moved to San Diego and got herself married. She used to help me with paper and stuff.

I hate papers.

I miss Aly.

(I think her and her new husband need to move back to San Luis Obispo ASAP.)

Last week was cold and rainy.

This week was hot and sticky.

Hoping to escape the heat, we headed to the beach Monday morning with some friends.

It wasn’t too much cooler, but it was much nicer than melting in my non-air-conditioned home. No homes in my city have AC. Okay. Some do. The rich people’s homes.

Matthias loves the beach. Okay. Maybe he just loves to eat sand.

That’s my personal body guard.

Just kidding. That’s the lovely Gabrielle.

But look at those guns. Don’t mess with her.

She took the boys (my boy and the adorable 2 year old boy that I babysit) down to the water and let them get all wet and sandy.

They loved it.

Matthias had his one year check-up with the doctor.

The statistics confirmed what we already knew. We have a tall skinny boy on our hands. 88th percentile height, 9th percentile weight.

We LOVE our doctor. He is seriously the best.

We always leave feeling extremely encouraged as parents. If your children’s pediatrician doesn’t encourage you- you should find one that does. It seriously make a world of difference.

Yesterday was the hottest day this week. I think it topped out around 97 degrees.

I know. You valley and mid-west folks don’t sympathize. Try turning off your AC next time a heat wave hits. Then we can talk.

It was so nasty gross hot yesterday afternoon that I packed up the baby and headed north to pick up Dada from work just so I could be in an air-conditioned environment. (He works about a half hour north of our home in San Luis Obispo and carpools to work every day.)

We then took the long way home so we could stop for dinner at my favorite fish and chips place in Cayucos.

It was about 30 degrees cooler at the Cayucos pier. I was actually bummed that I didn’t bring a sweater.

Welcome to the Central Coast of California. Official crazy weather, but one of the most beautiful places in the world.


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