The Fairy Tale Must End

I live in downtown San Luis Obispo. Well I’m not actually sure where downtown starts and stops, but I do live three blocks from the Mission, which is in the heart of downtown. I lived in San Luis Obispo for 7 years before moving downtown in my first house with my husband. There is just something magical about living in downtown SLO. I love never having to think about parking downtown, we always walk. I can do practically all of my errands downtown (aside from grocery shopping- although I am still praying that we get some kind of market downtown soon though.) I take baby on walks downtown nearly every day (which I am sad to say is the only regular exercise I get!) Whether we are headed to the bank, or getting coffee, or strolling down at Farmer’s Market on a Thursday night, baby man is always much happier to sit in his stroller and people watch than get strapped into his car seat to drive somewhere.

Needless to say, I love living downtown. I’m looking forward to getting all bundled up to walk down to watch the town Christmas parade at the beginning of December. I’m looking forward to getting to stroll down to many more Thursday night markets. I’m looking forward to many more date nights with my husband where we get to walk to one of our many favorite restaurants downtown. I love not driving. I love feeling like I live in the center of the action… Although in this small of a town there isn’t always a ton of downtown action.

There is just something reassuring about knowing that anytime I put baby in the stroller and walk three blocks, I have the opportunity for adult interaction. Being a stay-at-home mom can be a lonely job at times, especially if you let yourself get cooped up in your house with your kids day in, day out. I love being able to get out without a moments notice. On those stir crazy days… I count on my downtown strolling experience to wake me up or calm me down.

But I know it can’t last forever… We are outgrowing our current home and on the lookout for a something that will better suit our family. My heart is still set on near downtown… But in this city, I am finding that comes with a hefty price. A place downtown with 3 bedrooms, a garage, and a backyard is rare. Even rarer is those stipulations in our price range… My heart is sad thinking about not living downtown. It has become a big part of me over the past almost 3 years. But when I picture my future… Do I really see myself romping around downtown with 3 or 4 kids? Is that practical? Sometimes I just don’t feel like being practical though. But in the back of my mind I know that at some point the fairy tale must end.

My heart is getting ready for an epic adventure.


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