21 Days to a More Disciplined Life

Confession: I haven’t mopped my kitchen floor in over a month. I have swept, vacuumed, and spot cleaned a few food splatters under the high chair, but mop I have not. You don’t have to tell me how gross that is. I am well aware.

At first my excuse was that I really needed to replace the mop head because it had gotten all gross. I bought a new mop head two weeks ago. In comes excuse number two: It is really hard to mop with a toddler who is intent on checking to see what his mama is up to every few seconds, and nap time is always filled with a hundred other things that “need” to get done.

Do you need more excuses? I’m full of them.

When I saw that Crystal Paine (aka Moneysavingmom) had just written a new book called 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life, I heard it calling my name. Discipline. Who needs that? Obviously my kitchen floor was screaming out my name. I hear you.

Crystal’s book is on sale for only 99 cents through Thursday. Quick! Go get your copy here or at the Amazon store on your Kindle. I picked up my copy last night and my day one to a more disciplined life begins tomorrow morning.

It was so refreshing to hear from a work at home mom who runs a super successful website and blog, homeschools her kids, and still finds time to be a wife, mother, and homemaker say that she wasn’t born disciplined. I read about her life and see all she does and think she must have it all together. I appreciate her honesty. It gives hope to this mama who desperately tries to keep it together to know that discipline can be learned!

I’ll let you in on another little secret- my unmopped kitchen floor is only the beginning of my lack of discipline. I never claimed to be The Disciplined Mom, just The Brilliant Mom. BIG difference there.

So now I embark on becoming more disciplined. I know my family will thank me. (In fact when I shared with my husband what I was doing these next 21 days, he asked to join in with me!)

My first day challenge is to pick one small thing that I have been putting off doing for awhile to get the ball rolling. I think we all know what I will be doing tomorrow during nap time! Next I must pick one or two “Mega Project(s)” and create a game plan on how I will tackle those projects.

Check back in tomorrow and I will let you in on what “Mega Projects” I have chosen to focus on these next 21 days. In the mean time, go (like right now!) and download Crystal’s book for only 99 cents. Serious deal. And you can join in on these 21 days with me!

Please let me know if you are joining me. I would love the company, support, and accountability (and I know you probably would too!) Let’s do this Brilliant Moms!


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