I put my baby inside a pumpkin and day 1 of 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life

(Read about the start of my 21 Day Challenge to a More Disciplined Life here.)

My friend Jen and her daughter came over today and gave me an even better reason to mop my kitchen floor. We let two toddlers play with pumpkin guts all over it today. They made sure that it would desperately need mopping after that.Yuck. They seemed to enjoy themselves though.

They didn’t know what was coming next though… Because these two mamas had a plan to cut leg holes in that pumpkin and make our children sit inside of it. All in the name of a few ridiculously adorable pictures.

Eliana didn’t really know what to think about it and Matthias was just really sad. He gave me that look like, “How could my mama ever subject me to something as embarrassing as this?”

Then he cried. Poor boy. I need pictures to show your girlfriend one day though. I took him right out. Don’t you worry.

After all that pumpkin gunk fun, nap time mopping didn’t exactly happen… You see, in order to fill the kitchen sink with the cleaning solution, you must first wash all of the dishes that have been carelessly left there for the past two days. (I told you that mopping was only the beginning of my lack of discipline!)

Just as I finished the dishes, my lovely friend Courtney came over for a visit. It is so nice to drop everything sometimes to just enjoy catch-up time with a sweet college girl.

Since it was 5 o’clock and mopping the kitchen floor still had not happened I resorted to what any other brilliant mama would do… I let baby watch The Backyardigans while eating dinner in his high chair in the family room. Baby was occupied and mama could mop.

I wish I could honestly say that it wasn’t really a big deal and it made me wonder why I had been putting it off for so long. I would be lying if I said that. Instead it made me remember why I had put it off for so long. Replacing the mop head took me at least 15 minutes. (No one can be sure if it was user or product error.) Then the mop head popped off twice mid-mopping. Maybe I just need to buy a new mop. Recommendations?

At the end of the day, I do feel quite accomplished. I set out to accomplish these three things today:

Small Starter Project: Mopping the kitchen floor.
21 Day Project #1: Wake at 6am so that I can enjoy alone time with Jesus and the Word before baby wakes.
21 Day Project #2: Get on top of my Laundry. (2 loads per day.)

I did wake at 6am and baby woke at 6:25am. But those 25 minutes were worth it.

And by the looks of that laundry pile, I think we can all agree that I need some discipline in the area of laundry. Here we go to 21 days of a more disciplined life. I am looking forward to having some new habits formed in my life over the next three weeks. How about you?

7 thoughts on “I put my baby inside a pumpkin and day 1 of 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life

  1. I don’t mop.i am one of those crazy moms who gets down on my knees and uses a couple rags to clean the whole floor. Well, as much as my 3 will let me. They love to help though. Give them a spray bottle with Maleleuca product and a rag and they soak the floor. I end up cleaning everything, but mops just seem to move the dirt around.

    • I used to do that too, Joy. I think I stopped when I was pretty pregnant because it was too hard to get down on my hands and knees. I just may go back that… I agree that the mop seems to just push dirt around. I would love to try a steam mop though!

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