Welcome to InstaFriday where you get to experience my life this past week according to my Instagram pictures. I’m linking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged– go check out her blog here. I think you will enjoy her blog as much as I do.

Over the past month in my town there has been a big art conspiracy project. Nothing is allowed to be plain or mundane here apparently. All of the utility boxes have been painted. All of them are very different. This one is my favorite because I think it’s pretty.

My in-laws were visiting us last weekend. They took us shopping downtown and little man thoroughly enjoyed his time in Urban Outfitters.

It was finally cool enough for a warm drink! So I got a pumpkin latte on our way back from shopping. It finally felt like fall.

My mother-in-law bought me a new hat and flannel. I may have worn them more than twice this week. They make me happy.

I tried to go on a coffee date with baby on Sunday while Dada helped build cubbies for our kids’ classes at church. He wasn’t so into sitting and chatting it up with his mama while she sipped coffee. One day. Maybe?

We had a few friends over for dinner and to watch the Presidential Debate. I made spaghetti sauce for 20 people. Whoops. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I cook just like my mom. Always ready in case a hungry army shows up at my door.

Day 1 of my 21 Days to a More Discipled Life. I was up at 6:00. Bible. Journal. Coffee. And 25 minutes just me and Jesus. I wish I could say yesterday morning went the same… Baby woke at 6, then we both went back to sleep til 8:30. Do you have to be disciplined when you aren’t feeling well?

I hope Matthias doesn’t need counseling later in life for this. Let it be know that this was Jen’s idea. Not mine. Did you hear that Matthias? This was Jen’s idea. Not Mama’s.

Picnic at our favorite park. Some days we both just need to get out of the house. Yesterday was one of those days. And he fell asleep on the way home, so that made nap time easy.

Last night was the Munchkin March at the downtown Farmer’s Market. All the kids dress up and there is a parade, costume contest, and trick-or-treating at the downtown businesses. It was pretty chaotic, but Matthias did score his mama some candy. Cutest skunk and raccoon ever.

Dada met us downtown for dinner after he got off work. He agreed that Matthias was the cutest raccoon that he had ever seen too. And more importantly, since we waited til the last minute to get him this costume, it was 70% off! $12.28. I’m all about a deal.


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