What I Wore Wednesday

I am linking up with Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy for my first time ever for What I Wore Wednesday! Getting myself out of my gym clothes and into clothes that make me feel good, confident, and ready to take on my day! If you missed yesterday’s post, you can read more about why I decided to challenge myself to take a daily picture of what I wore here.

Playing with our friends, putting my baby in a pumpkin, and mopping my kitchen floor.

scarf- street vendor in Charleston, SC

plaid button-up- Urban Outfitters

tank- Motherhood Maternity (Yes, I still like to wear my maternity clothes…)

jeans- H&M

flats- Urban Outfitters

Feeling pretty sicky on this day, so I decided I should push through and wear a dress! Picnic at the park for lunch and the Munchkin March and dinner downtown.

Dress- Target

Sweater- Forever 21

Jeans- Volcom

Boots- Nordstrom

Me and my raccoon.

leaf necklace- cheapy from Forever 21

(I felt super sicky on Friday, so I never made it out of my “gym clothes”. Hey- a girl can have one day off right?)

I will admit that I went to a friend’s garage sale on this morning in some grubby clothes… but I did shower and get dressed later to run some errands and have dinner with my husband and baby downtown that evening. (Check out the old window behind me that I scored at my friend’s garage sale. I’m trying to think of something crafty I can do with it. Any ideas?)

v-neck- Urban Outfitters

scarf- “borrowed” from my mom

jeans- Volcom

wedges- Toms (The only heels that I would ever do errands in. So comfy. I promise.)

I wore this to church and had to change into a skirt as soon as I got home because it was boiling! Hello fall on the Central Coast…

sheer tank- local shop

under tank- local shop (every local women’s clothing shop here has 3 for $10 deals on camis is every color you could imagine.)

greenish brown skinnies- local shop

flats- Urban Outfitters

Grocery shopping and walk downtown.

cardigan- Target

felt flower- handmade by my cousin Lindsay

polka dot tank- Old Navy

greenish brown skinnies- local shop

shoes- Toms

gold watch- Michael Kors (I’ll tell the story behind this watch some other time…)

Sicky baby. Stayed home all day other than a quick walk downtown.

v-neck- Obey (I used to work at a skate shop and I have more street/skate apparel in my closet than the average mama.)

cardigan- Target

jeans- Express

shoes- Vans


4 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

    • Thanks Amanda! I’m glad I pushed through on Thursday and made myself look nice even though I didn’t feel so well. It actually helped me to not sink into an “I’m sick and so I don’t want to do anything today” attitude!

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