Hey Ya’ll! I’m linking up with Jeannett over at Life Rearranged for another edition of InstaFriday. This is my life {this past week} in Instagram pics. Enjoy.

One of my habits that I am working on forming during my 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life challenge is making my bed every morning. I am proud to say that I have stuck with it every day for a whole week now! It only takes 3 minutes, but the impact on the overall appearance of my room his huge! Doesn’t it look so pretty and peaceful?

I added to that habit tidying my nightstand while I was at it. When I first did this, I had to clear 5 (yes, I said 5) water glasses that had accumulated on my nightstand over the past week. Gross. (And those are my current reads right now. Love them both.)

These two handsome guys took me out to Thai food for dinner. Yum. Little man likes to spit out pad thai and monch on bean sprouts.

This little guy has been so helpful lately. He loves to help his mom stuff cloth diapers. He loves to help his mom use the restroom (always making sure she has enough TP to collect from the floor.) He loves to help his  mom eat her breakfast. Just an all around helpful guy.

I got this look a lot on that day. I wouldn’t let him play with his toy boat in the toilet. I’m such a mean mom.

We did our monthly Costco stock-up trip. I got baby man this slice of pizza and I ate a hot dog. Usually I just eat the samples for lunch as I walk through the store, but we made the mistake of going to early. NEVER AGAIN.

This little guy thinks it’s fun to take only one 45 minute nap in a day lately. Mama does not think this is very fun at all.

My church put on this AWESOME event on Halloween night called “A Night at the Castle”. So fun. I had this last minute idea that all the kids should get wristbands that say “I am Royalty” when they checked in. I loved the idea of them wearing this to school the next day (or next year, you know how kids love to keep these things on til they are nothing but shreds of plastic) with the proclamation that they are royal. I obviously spent a lot of time making them…

The awesome entrance into “A Night at the Castle”. Epic. That’s a draw bridge. There was also a GIANT castle just beyond this too.

What do a skunk, a Noellephant, and a raccoon have in common? They all have crazy mamas who like to dress their babies up like critters. Smallest and cutest elephant critter I have ever seen.

Beware when your friend walks off with your baby at a carnival. He might return to you with more facial hair than before.

Almost the saddest day of my life when my son pushed my iPad off of the coffee table and onto the floor and when I picked it up it looked like it was bleeding green and purple. I frantically searched online to see if there was any remedy and stumbled across a YouTube video where they showed how you could fix this by hitting your iPad with a hammer. I was skeptical. It sounded dangerous. But it worked! (You don’t hit the screen, just the edge of the iPad near the home button.) And now my son isn’t grounded anymore. Just kidding. I’m pretty sure that grounding business won’t start for another few years at least.


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