What I Wore Wednesday

Welcome to another edition of What I Wore Wednesday, where I have committed to getting myself out of the “I am a stay-at-home so what I wear doesn’t matter” rut. You can read about why I started taking daily pictures of my outfits here. I am linking up with Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy. Check out her blog and her shop. She just put up some awesomely adorable Christmas stockings and tea towels this week. So cute! (I apologize in advance for some of the blurry cell phone pics. Some days that was the best I could do!)

Picnic and play time at the park. (I bundled up for “A Night at the Castle”, the outdoor carnival that my church put on Halloween night. No pictures, sorry.)

ruffle tank- Old Navy

striped scarf- Gap

jeans- Express

belt- Target

flower flats- Payless Shoes

Here is my infamous side bun. I have SO MUCH hair, it’s insane. On days when I am feeling overwhelmed by how much hair I have, I tie my hair into a low side pony tail, then wrap my hair round and round like a cinnamon roll and secure with a second hair tie. Easiest mom hair ever. Does it look like I tried?

flower in hair- H&M

Took the boys (mine and the cutie that I watch) to play with friends and got to hang out with my good friend Joy. Then lots of housekeeping the rest of the day.

I almost didn’t include this pictures because its edging on grubby. But I am going to be real and say that this is one of my favorite looks. I think that because I live on the Central Coast of California, 10 minutes away from the beach, looks like this (let me be frank, I’m talking about the flannel) are easier to get away with than if I lived in say New York City. Several shops downtown are dedicated to perfecting this look. And you know what? This outfit makes me feel hip and young. Like people might see me and think that I might surf or skateboard… both of which I actually haven’t done for over 5 years. (Our little secret, okay?)

flannel- O’Neill (local surf shop)

T-shirt- Obey (local skate shop that I used to work at)

jeans- H&M

shoes- black Toms

Park date at the beach with friends. Lots of cleaning that afternoon.

sunnies- “borrowed” from my husband when my cheap Anthropologie sunglasses broke. He got them at Ross a long time ago and has worn them a handful of times.

top- Forever 21

under tank- Urban Outfitters

leaf necklace- cheapy from Forever 21

gold watch- Michael Kors

jeans- Volcom

boots- Nordstrom

My calendar says it’s November, but my wardrobe is at war with this crazy weather! It escalated from the 80’s on Saturday to high 90’s on Monday. I don’t know what to wear when the weather is crazy. I want it to be fall so bad… but it is too hot for fall clothes. This is what I came up with for staying cool while hanging around the house and getting lots of cleaning done on Saturday. Later that night when we went to a friend’s wine and dessert birthday party, I just threw on my trusty gold cardigan to jazz this outfit up a bit.

T-shirt- Obey (skate shop in Sacramento)

skirt- Urban Outfitters

shoes- black Toms

gold medallion- “borrowed” from my mom (The flip side has multicolored jewels and isn’t so attractive. She never wore it. I always wear it backwards. Simple.)

Church. My husband and I taught the preschool class together. As soon as we got home I kicked off those boots, belt, and jeans and threw on some cut-off shorts and gold sandals. It was boiling. W-e-i-r-d weather.

flowy tank- Urban Outfitters

under tank- Forever 21 Maternity (I told you I still rock my maternity wear. Don’t you?)

leaf necklace- cheapy from Forever 21

belt- Urban Outfitters

jeans- Volcom

boots- Nordstrom

(Confession: I didn’t get dressed beyond cut-off shorts and a tank on Monday because my boy go the stomach flu early Monday morning. Did mention that it was 101 degrees at my house that day? I took care of sick baby, cleaned house, and tried to keep cool. He is feeling much better now.)

Walked to my polling place to vote! I was inspired to dress patriotic by a picture my friend Katie posted on Instagram of her cute patriotic outfit. I realized that I didn’t have much in red or blue after digging through my closet and this was all I could come up with.

T-shirt- American Apparel

Tank- Delia’s (gosh that makes me feel old. I got this tank when I was still allowed to shop there.)

jeans- H&M

shoes- navy low-profile Vans

On my way out to my women’s small group. Yes, Two outfits in one day. Let’s just say that my earlier outfit was no longer wearable due to something that my little sick boy did on mommy.

T-shirt- Forever 21

cardigan- Target

chunky beaded necklace- gift from my mom

cut-off shorts- Forever 21 Maternity (I know.. more maternity… but they are my favorite cut-offs.)

shoes- brown (holey) Toms


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