Happy Friday everyone! I’m linking up my cell phone pictures from this week with Jeannett over at Life Rearranged for InstaFriday. Do you gram? Follow me. I’m AmandaFaithHead.

My son doesn’t know about candy yet.

I still made sure that he collected a bag full on Halloween night.

Mama devoured it all.

I was always the kid that ate all of my Halloween within a week.

Then I snuck my sister’s.

The past two months I have been meaning to make pumpkin pancakes from scratch.

It never happened.

So I bought this mix from Trader Joe’s.

I don’t think I will ever make them from scratch.

These are just too good.

My husband made me that plate for my birthday a few years ago.

Cute, huh?

My husband is crafty.

My boy got the stomach flu this week.

So sad to watch a baby spew.

I have never seen him sit/ lay on the couch as much as he did on that day.

Poor baby.

Did I mention that it was 102 degrees outside and about 85 degrees inside while my boy had a 104 degree fever?

No fun.

No fun at all.

That day broke records.

I wish it had not chosen to be so ambitious as to break records.

My boy had a little “talk” with Ohio on Tuesday.

It turns out that they aren’t very good listeners.

We still love you Ohio.

We got all patriotic to go exercise our right to vote.

Well mama’s right to vote.

17 more years, buddy.

17 more years.

I voted.

Did you?

I don’t sew.

I found this fabric on the cheap at the fabric store and I couldn’t resist.

Isn’t it pretty?

I may just have to learn how to sew.

Watching the big kids play at the park.

Dreaming about walking, and running, and skipping.

(My boy still refuses to learn how to walk.)

My pretty new “To Do” List that I found on Pinterest.

Almost too pretty to write on.

But I have so much to do.

So pen to the paper I must.

Want this pretty list for free?

Follow me on Pinterest.

Amanda Head.

You’ll find this on my “Keeping my ducks in a row” board.

My boy loves to cook his mama up some eggs, veggies, and chicken.


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