My Favorite Spaces

Recently I have been getting discouraged about my empty walls and unfinished spaces in my home. It is REALLY difficult for me to make decisions on what to put up and where it should be put. We have lived in our home for nearly three years and there are still several empty wall because I can’t make myself decide. Sometimes I will look around at the blank walls and think about how unfinished my home still looks. This just makes me frustrated. And being frustrated doesn’t really help anything at all.

So I made a decision earlier this week. I will not focus on the unfinished parts. There are parts that are finished. There are parts that aren’t blank. And I think that they are quite lovely. I decided that I will enjoy those spaces. The blank walls will get finished one day. But they aren’t on my “to do” list today.

One of the things that I have really been grabbing hold of while reading 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life is learning to say “no” to tasks that aren’t on my “to do” list for the day. I can put those tasks on a later day, but my day is already planned. If I take on a project that I had not originally planned on doing that day, then the tasks that I had planned do not get done. At the end of the day, I feel stressed because I have put off the things that actually needed to get done for something that didn’t NEED to be done that day.

So I went around at took pictures of my favorite finished spaces in my home. So I could remind myself of the spaces I love. And I’ll get to those other spaces later.

I love my coffee center. Sure it sits on top of my portable dishwasher and that isn’t super ideal, but I think it is lovely.

Our coffee maker is the Cuisinart Grind & Brew. That means we just add water and beans and it does all the work for us. I love the sound of the coffee grinding while I am groggily trying to make it out of my bed in the morning.

The paint by number deer painting my husband and I purchased before we were married when a favorite little store of ours downtown was going out of business. It was sad that they were going out of business, but good for us that everything in the store was on super deals! I love that painting. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

The coffee bean jar was a thrift store find.

The blue vase is from TJ Maxx.

The pretty yellow cow is for milk (although it has yet to be used for that purpose…) and was purchased on clearance from Target.

My “H” wall. By far my favorite space in my home. Once you start collecting a letter… it just gets kind of addicting. Our last name is “Head” and I will find every last “H” in town so that everyone knows how proud we are of our last name.

We snagged that awesome shabby chic cabinet off of Craigslist a few years ago. Serious deal. Someone else did all the work beautifying this piece and we just get to reap the benefits. It is perfect size for storing all of baby boy’s bowls and cups, as well as the Baby Bullet.

My “H’s” clockwise starting at the top. Clearance bin at Michael’s, a local consignment shop called Ruby Rose, Anthropologie, handmade by a friend as part of a banner that hung as decor at our wedding. (No we didn’t have Army men in our decor. I actually have no clue when that Army guy made his first appearance on that “H”, but he seems to be there for the long haul.)

I love all my “H’s”.

There are more hiding in other places in my home too.

Two more “H’s”! The metal H is from a local shop downtown and the block alphabet H is another wedding decor piece that I worked into my home decor.

That photograph is one of my favorites from our wedding day and the frame was a gift.

The colored glass vases were a bridal shower gift from a friend. I think they add lovely color to the overall whiteness of the piece.

That is one of my favorite of our engagement pictures and the only one that we ever got printed. I need to get on that. I hate how many professional pictures that we have had taken over the years are stuck on my hard drive.

We got the letters for HOPE from a photographer at a street fair in Charleston, South Carolina. It took me nearly two years to decide what to do with them. I matted them with pretty, colorful scrapbook paper and it gave just the right amount of color pop for the black and white prints.

This lamp is so cheerful! Don’t you think? My mama bought me this lamp from Home Goods a few years ago. She literally had to guard it the whole way to the register because everyone wanted to take it from her. I feel lucky to have been the recipient of this lovely lamp.

These ceramic antlers were the first thing that I bought for our first home before we were married and before we even knew where we were going to live. I got them on clearance at Urban Outfitters and wrapped them up as a present for my husband. (It was really a present for me, but he liked them too!) I love having a place to hang my keys as soon as a walk in the door. This is a habit that has saved me from turning the house upside down searching for misplaced keys.

The paper wheels were another piece of our wedding decor that we found a place for in our home. They are made out of old music sheets and few of them have fallen off of the wall over the past few years. But I still love these. And they remind me of my wedding.

My bed. Since starting the 21 Days to a More Discipline Life challenge, my bed has definitely become one of my favorite spaces.

The rod iron bed is from Ikea.

The quilt and shams were a wedding gift from one of my mama’s dearest friends. They are from Pottery Barn.

The blue afghan was also a wedding gift and was handmade by the mother of one of my childhood friends. (She matched it to the quilt that she knew we wanted. So sweet.)

My husband made those globe pendant lights following a tutorial that I found on Pinterest. He gave them to me for Christmas last year. I LOVE these lights.

My nightstand was a Craigslist find and my husband’s nightstand was an old school desk from the community college that my mother-in-law works at. We painted both of them blue and lightly distressed them. I replaced the knob on my nightstand with a sweet yellow metal knob that I found at Anthropologie.

Those are my favorite spaces in my home. The little things that make me smile when I notice them. I’ll try to notice them more throughout my day.


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