Let’s talk about yoga pants and ribbed tanks

What I Wore Wednesday is officially one of my favorite days, and it makes me happy to hear that it is becoming some of yours too.

I was thinking last night, as I got cozy in my PJ’s and freshly made bed, that I just needed to set something straight about ribbed tanks and yoga pants. I love them. They are comfy and cool and come in every color. There are times for them, and I’m not just talking about working out or sleeping. Let me share with you some of those times…

You have a newborn. A baby who keeps you up all hours of the night and day. You have sick children, who keep you up all hours of the night and day. You yourself aren’t feeling well. You are moving. You had a big (good or bad) event happen in your family. And sometimes, one of the best times to wear ribbed tanks and yoga pants… Just because you feel like it.

All of the above, I have been there. I don’t stress about being seen in public wearing a ribbed tank and yoga pants. It happens. But all of the above are temporary. If you are feeling overwhelmed by getting yourself put together every day, then evaluate the above. Are you in any of those times? Or one equally as trying that I couldn’t think of so it didn’t make my list?

My answer to you is don’t stress and DO NOT feel bad about yourself. Do not try to suddenly go from zero to hero. You will overwhelm yourself and a healthy habit will not be formed. Just be where you are. If yoga pants and ribbed tanks are the best you can do in a day at this season of your life, then do it! Hey, and while you’re at it- pick up some flip-flops to match every ribbed tank you own!

On the other hand, if you are not in the middle of any of those times and you don’t put yourself together every day for different reasons, then I am here to encourage you. Evaluate why you don’t.

Do you not know where to start when it comes to clothes, hair, and makeup? Then ask someone who is excellent in that area for help. Don’t compare yourself to them and in turn feel bad about yourself, instead use them as your ally! I’m sure they would be more than excited to help. I have a friend who is a makeup artist and another friend who is a hair stylist and both have great style. I shamelessly turn to them time after time with questions ranging from how to wear fun eye-makeup so that I don’t look like I’m 12 to what hair color/style will best cover all my gray hairs that are quickly taking over (ahhh!) I also have recently been getting inspired by looking at other bloggers who link up with What I Wore Wednesday, or on Pinterest. That doesn’t mean I run out and buy the latest trend by any means. I look and think about how I could put together a similar ensemble using pieces from my own closet. It’s not a fashion contest, it’s about feeling lovely and confident in my own skin.

Or maybe you don’t get dressed because you are just being lazy. In that case, pick a day as a goal to start getting yourself dressed. You have to make a decision to just go for it! And ask someone to keep you accountable. Don’t have a blog to link up to What I Wore Wednesday? Snap a picture on your cell phone and send it over to a friend, or ask your husband to keep you accountable every day. Bottom line, get someone else involved. It helps so much when you know that you are accountable to someone else.

And that is all that I was thinking about yoga pants and ribbed tanks as I drifted off to sleep last night.

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