InstaFriday plus exciting news

Already Friday? Insane. Linking up with Jeannett over at Life Rearranged for InstaFriday.

The flu. It is the worst. First baby. Then me.

My husband. He’s the best. He came home from work early to take care of me and the kids (ours and my friend’s daughter).

Lipton chicken soup. The best. When it’s the only thing you are able to eat in a day.

Mustache baby.

His friend Shiloh turned one, so now he is a little man.

We went to Bakersfield to celebrate with him. There were lots of ties and mustaches because little men love manly stuff like that.

I found a pack of four of these disposable travel coffee cups in the dollar section at Target and had to have them.

They are so cute that I have not wanted to use one until the right time.

A Veteran’s Day grocery shopping trip seemed like the perfect time.

I was right.

Four words.

Spiced egg nog latte.

Heavenly. Is it Christmas yet?

I found pre-spiced egg nog at the grocery store and added two shots of brandy, I mean espresso.

Lovely baby nap time treat.

Little rascal.

He scales the table every few minutes.

Not walking yet.

But climbing?


You can read about why I cloth diaper here.

See above for why I almost gave it up this week.

That’s a pot of boiling water.

Filled with microfiber cloth inserts.

When diapers stink (and I’m not talking poop stink, I’m talking burns the inside of your nose hairs ammonia stink) there are blogs full of solutions for getting rid of the stink.

I think I pulled just about every trick in the book out to combat this stink.

Boiling the inserts was my last step.

No more stink!

And baby went back to sleeping through the night since his dipes weren’t burning him after he peed.


I’m back to loving cloth diapering.


Climbed up on the table.

Snagged a half eaten piece of toast and half full applesauce. Neither of which belonged to him.

Helped himself to a mid-morning snack. Toast dipped in applesauce.

Serious rascal.

Number 34.

And number 35.


Oh and we are moving December 1st.

5 blocks away.

That’s my exciting news. You thought I was pregnant, huh?

Pretty excited for this new adventure.

When I get into the new house again and snap some pictures, you’ll see why it will be an adventure.

But it has everything we were looking for.

With an extra lot of charm.


5 thoughts on “InstaFriday plus exciting news

    • Thank you Kaye! We think he’s pretty cute too. : ) and that was only the beginning of the crazy lease. Our landlord is in his 80’s and told us he didn’t understand most of it either. Haha.

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