What I Wore Wednesday {late!}

I made it in before midnight, so technically it is still Wednesday. And I am multi-tasking. Playing Monopoly on the iPad with my husband, sister, and brother-in-law. Serious multi-tasking. This game is quick and involved. Trying to keep hold of my Park Place, buy new houses for my block, while editing and uploading pictures. We traveled up to Sacramento today to be with my family for Thanksgiving. Excited to see the rest of my family tomorrow! I’m linking up with Lindsay over at the Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday. Remember to head over there to Lindsay’s blog for more inspiration on getting out of your sweats and into clothes that make you feel good and ready to take on the day. Want to check back in with me next Wednesday? Or catch some of the other activity that happens here at The Brilliant Mom throughout the week? Like The Brilliant Mom on Facebook to get blog updates straight to your feed.

I apologize for the crooked and blurry picture. I got dressed and that is what matters most, right? And I seriously need to clean under my bed. Ohhhhhh! Now that we are moving, we will have a garage and I won’t need to store ANYTHING under my bed. I am way to excited about that!

plaid – Levi Outlet

under tank – Target

leggings – Forever 21

boots – Nordstrom

watch – Michael Kors (I promise the story will come.)

I took the kiddos to song time at the local children’s store and had a super play time at my house with two other mamas. I was happy that it was cool enough to finally wear a sweater all day!

dog sweater (a big hit with the little ones) – gift from my mother-in-law

jeans – boutique in South Lake Tahoe

belt – Target

moccasins – Payless Shoes

End of day picture, heading out to meet a friend for tea after putting baby to sleep for the night.

top – Gap

coat – H&M

necklace – inherited from my husband’s late grandmother

skinnies – Volcom

boots – Nordstrom

And here is what my little Indian wore to a Pilgrim and Indian pie party at the elementary school I used to teach at earlier that day. I whipped up two of these adorable grocery bag vests that morning. One for my boy and one for the two year old boy that I watch. And check out the pearls on his BFF Eliana. She is the most accessorized toddler that I know. I could definitely take some fashion tips from her.

It was a rainy day. I had to run back in for my parka before heading out to work at the church on Kids World (children’s church) stuff and then meeting a friend for coffee.

sweater – Zara (purchased during a trip to Colombia 5 years ago)

chunky beaded necklace – gift from my mom

skinnies – H&M

boots – Nordstrom

I love the elbow patches on this sweater! That is what made me buy it in the first place. I’m a sucker for elbow patches.

I dressed super casual to church on Sunday because I was teaching the History Makers (the elementary school class) at church. They are so much fun and inspirational! It had been a long time since I had the opportunity to teach them, but their normal teacher is in Ethiopia on a missions trip, so I gladly stepped in. But I had to be prepared for a serious game of crab soccer! Jeans and sneakers are pretty essential.

striped top – Roxy

under tank – local shop

jacket – Loft

cuffed jeans – Express

sneakers – Vans

And it was raining again, so I had to throw on a raincoat before I ran out the door.

floral raincoat – Target

Like the perspective? I wasn’t going for artsy. I had the 4 year old little girl that I sometimes watch take the shot. I didn’t end up wearing that cardigan all day because it was too warm. And I wish I didn’t have it on for the picture because it doesn’t go very nicely. I liked the rest of this outfit though. I went through my closet on Sunday and bagged up 3 trash bags full of clothes. I hadn’t worn this skirt in over a year. It was a part of my rotating teacher attire, but I haven’t even pulled it out of my closet since before my pregnancy. I almost threw it in the giveaway pile because my normal rule is that if I haven’t worn it in a year it has to go. I just couldn’t bear to get rid of it though, so I decided to revive it! I am happy with that decision. I love the floral print and bow.

v-neck – Urban Outfitters

cardigan – H&M

floral skirt – H&M

tights – Kohls

boots – Target

Shopping, cleaning, organizing, and hanging out with the cutest 4 year old little girl on the planet (plus my boy as well.) Ended the night with a lovely potluck Thanksgiving dinner at my church. A yummy way to end the night, and I only had to bring a salad!

v-neck – Pac Sun

cardigan – Urban Outfitters

leggings – Forever 21

boots – Nordstrom

rose necklace- Forever 21

I bought one for my sister for Christmas and for only $1.50 I had to snag one for myself. And I am satisfied with my purchase. Simple and sweet.


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