Family Christmas Pictures #2

Since getting Christmas  family pictures once was great, why not do it twice? While we were visiting my family in Sacramento over Thanksgiving, we finally got all of us together for a professional family photo shoot. I had been doting on the adorable pictures that Danielle Parker of Danielle Parker Photography had been taking over the past two years of my childhood friend’s little boy, I recommended that we have her take our family Christmas photos. After a bad experience with a photographer the last time we tried to get “professional” photos taken over Easter, I was a bit nervous to try again. Seriously, it was a really bad experience and none of the pictures turned out. Sad. Let me just say that Danielle Parker is lovely and having our pictures taken by her was a lovely experience. She had us meet her in downtown Folsom on the river at the old power plant. I grew up 10 minutes from that spot and had never been there. Such a sweet spot for photos. I was anxious to get back our photos and I was definitely pleased with the results.


Finally a family picture with all of us! Yay!


Seriously sweet cousin shot.


I need a print of this one. Love.


My niece Peyton really did not want to smile for pictures. Danielle got her to finally smile by having her pretend to be a ballerina on her tippy-toes. Lucas wanted to try it out too.


Sweet family shot. I loved that white wall.




My nephew has killer blue eyes.


Seriously? I have a tooth ache.


Mama and baby.


Baby and mama.


Dada and baby.


The sweetest picture of the day. My brother-in-law JD and Peyton.


One thought on “Family Christmas Pictures #2

  1. Precious pictures! Fun locations and lovely people! Let me know if you will be in Bakersfield at all during the holidays. 🙂

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