My Sister’s Paleo Chocolate Milkshake

My last post about my adventures with airport security has stirred up quite a bit of talk. Admitedly, my husband was even more upset after reading my post this morning than when I had recounted the events to him on Monday evening. I think he may have gotten us into more trouble if he was there… He is not a TSA fan. I’m just glad that at least by my sharing our story I might 1. Help another mama not have to go through the same ordeal and 2. Bring yet another story to the Internet about how TSA’s security measures are both ineffective and intrusive. (Not to mention wasting millions of our tax-payer dollars… But let’s not get too political here.)

So on a lighter note… A much lighter note… I bring to you the Paleo chocolate milkshake that my Crossfit-crazy sister made for me tonight.


A concoction of banana, almond butter, light coconut milk, and cocoa powder makes up this yummy, not too sweet, but hits that chocolate craving right on milkshake. And doesn’t it look so fancy in that glass with a straw?

I think my sister is secretly trying to turn me Paleo.


2 thoughts on “My Sister’s Paleo Chocolate Milkshake

  1. I have no idea what Paleo means, but this looks good and since we don’t/can’t do peanut butter, I may have to try it!! 🙂

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