I have been on a bit of a hiatus from posting my iPhone pictures up on here and linking with Jeannette over at Life Rearranged. But I’m back! Here is my life (this past week) in the Instagram world. (I’m AmandaFaithHead if you gram and want to follow me over there.)

My friend Ashley over at Chevron Stitches had these reusable baby food pouches sent to her by Yummi Pouch to review. She asked some of her mama friends with babies of different ages to try them out and see what we (mamas and babies) thought. I broke the zipper on the first pouch she gave me. (Ooops.) The second one I was more careful when I opened the zipper to fill it. Baby enjoyed a green smoothie (spinach, mango, banana, pineapple, yogurt) out of the pouch at the park.

As soon as I pulled out his lunch box he crawled up onto that bench to eat. He is getting so big. Stop growing up so fast little one.

I pretty much avoided putting my baby in overalls for his first year of life. They were too “baby-ish” and I preferred dressing him up like a little man. Now that he is a toddler… I want him to look like a baby again. Overalls every day little one!

Husband and I finally organized/cleaned out the garage since shoving all of our junk in there when we moved in December. I found this gem in one of the boxes I was going through. My first college friend decoupaged this frame and filled it with a picture taken of us the night our friendship really began… At a Yellowcard show. (We thought we were really cool. And still do.) That was nearly 10 years ago. We were just babies then! Now we are both married and well… I’m waiting for her to start having babies so we can hang out more!

Pinterest makes me do stuff like this.

My silly boy has been boycotting bed time. Sleeping standing-up is his new thing. As soon as we go in there to lay him down he acts like he wasn’t asleep. Crazy kid. I’m onto you.

A boy and a plane. Love. You can read our airport adventures about this mama getting in trouble with TSA here.

We made it to Reno! And his cousin Peyton met us at the airport with her mama (my sister) to pick us up. We enjoyed a yummy dinner at Whole Foods before making the hour drive to my sister’s house. They were so excited to see each other! Brought tears to my eyes. Too sweet.

I got to go snowboarding with my sister! I hadn’t been in over two years. I thought maybe I forgot how, but lucky for me (and my sister who practically lives on the slopes) I remembered! We had fun, but I also remembered that I am not in good shape after being winded after my first run. I should work on that…

Happy. And tired. I might have sunbathed longer than I actually snowboarded if my sister didn’t get my booty up and going again. It was so pretty up there though and I just wanted to enjoy the views!

My Crossfit-crazy Paleo-eating sister made me a surprisingly yummy chocolate milkshake using only these ingredients.

Usually Matthias gets Cheerios in the morning. His cousins have been sharing Cinnamon Toast Crunch with him every morning. We’ll see how he does when we go back home and all he gets are plain Cheerios ago. Sorry little guy.

I love how snugly he is when he wakes up from nap time. I adore this sweet boy.

My Sister’s Paleo Chocolate Milkshake

My last post about my adventures with airport security has stirred up quite a bit of talk. Admitedly, my husband was even more upset after reading my post this morning than when I had recounted the events to him on Monday evening. I think he may have gotten us into more trouble if he was there… He is not a TSA fan. I’m just glad that at least by my sharing our story I might 1. Help another mama not have to go through the same ordeal and 2. Bring yet another story to the Internet about how TSA’s security measures are both ineffective and intrusive. (Not to mention wasting millions of our tax-payer dollars… But let’s not get too political here.)

So on a lighter note… A much lighter note… I bring to you the Paleo chocolate milkshake that my Crossfit-crazy sister made for me tonight.


A concoction of banana, almond butter, light coconut milk, and cocoa powder makes up this yummy, not too sweet, but hits that chocolate craving right on milkshake. And doesn’t it look so fancy in that glass with a straw?

I think my sister is secretly trying to turn me Paleo.